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Answers and Questions

It is our goal to provide you with a new set of standards in home/ office cleaning. Our basic services are anything but, and our deep cleaning is not only of the highest quality of natural sanitation, but we also leave your home/business with a fresh smelling and aroma therapeutic essence. Check out our common Q&A's below and give us a call to discuss your space and a quote! 

1- How much will I be charged for my professional cleaning service?

The answer depends on the space and the current state it's in and the size. For a first-time deep cleaning, rates can vary from 15 cents per sqft to 35 cents, depending on how dirty is it. Usually a deep clean for a 1500 sqft is $299, and a maintenance cleaning is $130-$150 USD. Depending on the labor hours that our experienced professional cleaning crew estimates it will take, to complete the job. The trust our clients place in us is the highest priority, and we are very transparent and fair in our services and pricing to provide the best service and experience.

2- What products do you use for deep cleaning?

We use many different professional cleaning products, which are well-known as eco-pet friendly and aroma-therapeutic. Of all the tools and ingredients used in cleaning perhaps none are quite intriguing and mysterious as essential oils. For wood floors, we use the Bona brand. For Stainless Steel we use the correct specific product as well. For wood surfaces, we use special wood cleaners that will not harm the floors or leave residue. 

3- How long does your service take to complete?

This is a great question! Our well-trained cleaners take at minimum 2 hours to complete a 1500 sq. ft. space in regular cleaning, and 4 for deep cleaning.* We offer a walk-through with a detailed list of agreed upon services prior to us starting the appointment and completed list along with any additional notations of the space, when we are finished.

4- How can I help  ?

Please contact our Office Administrator at (657) 261 1918 for more information or specific questions you have about our services.

*De-cluttering, washing dishes, and cleaning the inside of the window base will be an extra charge.

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